March 12, 2015


In this tutorial I'm showing you how to make pumpkin cake roll with tiny pumpkins.It might be easily transformed into nice brooch simply by attaching safety brooch pin.

For this project you'll need:
- white,brown,orange polymer clay
- miniature chopping board
- baby powder
- gloss varnish
- epoxy glue

March 11, 2015


In this tutorial I'm showing how to make polymer clay kawaii watermelon.I'm trying to keep my "kawaii" tutorials as simple and quick as possible.That's why I decided not to use classic Skinner blend technique (which might be difficult for beginners - especially if those, who don't own pasta machine) hence color gradiation here is less smooth but hopefully good enough :) Instead of Skinner blend I decided to use rubbing alcohol and baby powder.I really hope you're going to like this quick&easy charm idea!

For this project you'll need:
- red,white,green polymer clay
- rubbing alcohol
- baby powder
- acrylic paints
- gloss varnish


March 10, 2015


Panna Cotta is famous and delicious Italian dessert.In this tutorial I'm showing how to create miniature polymer clay version of it.

For this project you'll going to need:

- white,beige,black,blue,red & green polymer clay
- epoxy/resin
- red food coloring
- baby powder
- gloss varnish
- round cookie cutter

Have fun crafting & make sure to share pictures of your creations with me using #thischarmingstuff on Instagram.

March 5, 2015


If you're cheese addict - just like me - simply click PLAY button and help yourself :) This tutorial is waiting for you. 
In this video I'm showing how to make different  kinds of cheese (Camembert,Gorgonzola & Emmentaler) and tiny bunch of grapes - all from polymer clay.

For this project you'll need:
- polymer clay in white,red,yellow,blue,black,beige and translucent
- FIMO gloss varnish
- baby powder
- epoxy glue
- razor, dotting tool, needle
- miniature choppig board (I'm going to upload a video showing how to make chopping board soon)

Have a great working time on this one!

March 1, 2015


In case you have missed - peanut butter sandwich tutorial is up on my YouTube channel! I'm showing there how to create polymer clay bread slices as well as actual peanut butter and  those tiny little peanuts.If you want to place them on the plate - make sure to check out my previous video (polymer clay spaghetti ) where I'm showing how to make simple polymer clay plate.

For this project you'll need:
- polymer clay in white,beige,brown and green
- FIMO liquid or TLS 
- soft pastel in brown
- gloss varnish
- dotting tool,brush,razor and toothbrush

Have a great fun crafting!