November 6, 2013

Hello charming people,

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June 28, 2013

Polymer clay flower basket TUTORIAL

Hi guys,

Recently I've been working on polymer clay flowers and to be absolutely honest it's not the easiest thing to do especially if you want them to be miniature...but I've decided to give it a try and here are the results - polymer clay flower basket.

Well, I know flowers are not perfect, but as I said it's my first time:) I'm definitely going to try make different ones as now I made only roses and daffodils.My favourite flower is lily of the valley but let's be honest ... it will take me a looong time till I manage creating such a complicated example. Anyway I hope you're gonna like this tutorial and find it useful.

Have a great time crafting! 
Love, TChS


February 21, 2013

Happy Easter card tutorial

Hi everyone!

As this blog ment to be not only about polymer clay crafts but DIY and random projects I decided to make something different - Easter card tutorial.

A few weeks ago I saw on one of my favourite pages - Pinterest (which researching quickly becomes my daily routine:) cute bunnies water paint.I was quite sceptical about doing something not clay related, esspecialy that last time I was painting something was so soooo long time ago, that I honestly couldn't remember.Anyways, I bought some cheap watercolors and brushes and fun begun!

Hope you're gonna find this tutorial helpful and inspiring.It's sad that nowadays tradition of sending holidays cards becomes more and more forgotten.I love sending cards as well as receiving them especially when they're handmade.It's not about making them perfect.It's just a way of telling your family and friends that you wish them all the best.The thing which is the most important is that you put an effort to make for them something special.

Have fun! :)

For this project you're gonna need:

- watercolors
- yellow cardboard size A4
- piece of green cardboard (I use one with white polka dots)
- one sheet of watercolors paper (I have size A4 but if you have A5 it would be     even easier)
- glue
- white permanent marker
- black permanent marker
- scissors
- pencil and eraser 
- ruler

Let's go!

1. Firstly, prepare yellow cardboard by bending it in half.

2. Do the same with sheet of watercolors paper to get auxiliary line and just cut it in the half.

3. Take one half of watercolors paper sheet and using ruler cut away 5cm from width and 4cm from lenght.The rectangle which you get will be the base for our water paint.

4. Using pencil prepare outline of our rabbit. Using it draw the final shape.

5. Now prepare watercolors and paint brushes.

6. Your sketch before painting should look like this.

  7. Now just start to paint:)

8. When you're finish painting and your paint dry take black permanent marker and make contour.

9. Glue your rabbit paint to yellow cardboard base. Leave about 4 cm for inscription.

10. Take a piece of green paper (13cm/3cm) and draw grass outline with the pencil.Then take scissors and cut the grass shape.

11. Now glue grass to the card.

12. Take white permanent marker and write "Happy Easter".

 13. Now take black permanent marker and make some shading.

And it's ready! Hope you'll like it.

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February 16, 2013

Apple halves key rings tutorial & first trades ever:)

Hello guys!

Well, it was very veeery busy week.I've planed to upload new tutorial before Valentine's day but fortunately (sic) opportunity to take part in my first trades at Alternative Fest in Cracow came along.I had only five days to prepare all charming stuff as well as business cards,banner,decor and all that jazz...Yes, it was stressful and crazy but totally worth the effort!It was one day festival which combined fashion/design and music.From 12-6 P.M. visitors had a chance to buy some of mostly handmade stuff (including this charming stuff of course) then organizers prepared something for electronic music fans - gig of APPARAT/ Shitkatapult, BPitch Control, Mute, K7/ Berlin,Chmara Winter live,Harrison Chord LIVE,ZoLvIK,Meg Cocaine & Senthia b2b.

To be honest I had no idea how people would respond to my bizzare jewellery but I was absolutely shocked by the positive reactions.People come to my stand  with compliments and so many nice opinions.It was absolutely amazing experience.I was really surprised that even males bought some of my inedible sweets;)

So that's my little explanation why I've uploaded Valentine's Day project on 15th of February:) Hope you don't mind it.I guess this apple project might be also good idea for anniversary,birthday or just ordinary gift for special someone:) 

Hope you'll find it useful and fun.Have great rest of the day and please remember to subscribe to this blog as well as my youtube chanel.Thanx!

Cheers,This Charming Stuff <3

February 2, 2013

Polymer clay hedgehog TUTORIAL

Hi guys!

Some time ago I saw this cute picture of baby hedgehog and I couldn't resist making this sweet creature from polymer clay.

Well, my creation it's not realistic but I've tried to do is as simple and quick as possible.I have to admit I'm recently more into animals than sweets.I'm thinking about new project - new animal tutorial every single week.Something like giraffes,lions,hippos, lemurs,pandas...we'll see how it goes:)

For this project I've used:

- chocolate FIMO Soft no 75
- indian red FIMO Soft no 24
- black FIMO Soft no 9
- sahara FIMO Soft no 70
- translucent Sculpey III

Hope you're gonna like this project.Wish you much fun while doing it!

As you can see in the video you can now follow me on twitter.It's great way to be in touch with you guys!:)I'm going to put more recent piece of information there about my projects,work, photos etc.So feel more than welcome as my follower:)

Have great rest of the day, love This Charming Stuff <3


January 18, 2013

Polymer clay owl tutorial

Hi guys,

I would like to present new tutorial which has just arrived at my you tube chanel! :) This time I've tried to create something not food/sweets related.Well, as recently owls have become popular motif I decided to make my own version.Doing something absolutely unrealistic and inedible was great fun and positive change for me.Hope you'll like it!



This Charming Stuff <3

January 8, 2013

Gingerbread man (Gingy) from Shrek tutorial


Hi guys,

You can now watch on my youtube chanel how to make Gingy from polymer clay.I think is quite easy and quick project.I transformed my gingerbread man into keychain but I believe next year few Gingy's gonna hang on my Christmas tree:)

Here is template which you might find useful for this tutorial.

xoxox, This Charmig Stuff