August 23, 2015


Keeping polymer clay clean is - let's be honest here - pain in the A and every polymer clay crafter is struggling with this problem.It's the most annoying and frustrating thing when your creation, that you're working on for hours and hours is eventually covered in lint and dust.
There are several ways to avoid that issue (using harder clays rather that soft ones, wearing gloves while working etc.--> I'm going to make another tips&tricks video about that in the future) and couple to fight with when it's already happen.
Today I'm going to focus on the trick that is a real lifechanger.Period!
I don't even remember life before that trick and I probably pushed it out of my consciousness as it was too much to handle ;) 
But seriously if you haven't try this one before, go ahead and do it.It's easy, doesn't require any special materials and won't damage your creation at all.

As you can see here I'm going to clean piece of yellow clay which is covered in lint and dust quite heavily.

There are two ways to clean your 
 creation - using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.Both work pretty much the same but I personally prefer rubbing alcohol as I feel it doesn't dissolve polymer clay as much as nail polish remover.

 You're going to need cotton pads as well.

All you want to do now is to pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol/nail polish remover on the cotton pad and start cleaning your creation.

As you can see, results are amazing.I hope you're going to find this tip helpful.If you have any problems/questions about polymer clay crafting make sure to leave a comment under this video and I will try my best to find a good solution.


August 22, 2015


Hi guys,
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create this miniature pickle jar.You can easily find these type of tiny bottles online - amazon, ebay etc. in reasonable prices.I honestly love those bottles as you can do so much with them!You can put tiny polymer clay creations in, pour a little bit of sand as a summer holidays keepsake,put small dried flower from a very special bouquet...
But today I'm  going to show you how to transform this little bottle into pickles jar.As it has got a cork closure you can easily attach eyepin into it and transform your creation to necklace pendant, keychain or earring.So let's jump into the tutorial.

- polymer clay in light and dark green
- miniature glass bottles
- resin/epoxy
- toothpicks
- dotting tool
- piece of fabric
- twine

Prepare ligh & dark green shade.I'm mixing blue and yellow to achieve these natural colors.


Start by rolling out both light and dark green clay & cutting out rectangles

You want to connect both pieces by placing on the other.

Now roll it out...

...and fold it in half.

You want to repeat rolling & folding until you get nice blend effect.

Fold it and squeeze to reduce the size.

Use razor to cut out small rectangle.

 Now use your fingers to shape a pickle.
 Texture it with dotting tool.

 Use needle tool or just a toothpick to add dots.

 And bake all of your pickles according to your clay instructions.
 Now grab your miniature glass jar.
And fill it with resin.

 Arrange pickles inside using tweezers.
 And finally attach a cork.
Now it should look like this.You want to wait until resin dries compeletly.
I'm using x-acto knife here to cut off cork excess.
 I'm going to cut out square from piece of fabric.
Now you want to decorate top of the jar with piece of fabric and secure it with a piece of twine.

And voila!Pickle jar is ready!

May 22, 2015


In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make this small charm consists of rolling pin, eggs and piece of rolled out dough.By adding brooch base or ring base you can easily transform it into nice jewelry piece and a cute gift for baking/cooking lover .

- polymer clay in beige,white and yellow
- FIMO liquid
- baby powder
- epoxy glue
- toothpick,skewers or any other wood sticks

Start off by choosing materials to create rolling pin - I decided to use old paint brush handle and toothpicks.
Using x-acto knife I'm cutting out desired size for rolling pin base.
Use sanding paper or nail file to smooth out rough edges.

Now I'm going to create rolling pin handles simply by cutting out two even pieces from toothpick.

I'm using epoxy glue to attach handles to the base.

 Voila! Rolling pin is ready.
To create piece of rolled out dough mix white and beige clay
 Now roll it out gently.

 Take Fimo liquid or TLS.
 Spread it evenly on the top of the dough to create thin layer.
Now sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on the top and bake the creation according to instructions on your polymer clay packaging.
Meanwhile prepare miniature chopping board.See tutorial here ->

To create egg put a little bit of Fimo liquid on the piece of foil or baking paper.
 Create tiny yellow ball.

And place it in the middle.Bake for 20- 30 min.
 After baking they should look like this.
 Now it's time to attach creations to the board.
 I'm using two part epoxy glue.

I decided to add whole eggs made from white clay.
And it's ready.