March 1, 2015


In case you have missed - peanut butter sandwich tutorial is up on my YouTube channel! I'm showing there how to create polymer clay bread slices as well as actual peanut butter and  those tiny little peanuts.If you want to place them on the plate - make sure to check out my previous video (polymer clay spaghetti ) where I'm showing how to make simple polymer clay plate.

For this project you'll need:
- polymer clay in white,beige,brown and green
- FIMO liquid or TLS 
- soft pastel in brown
- gloss varnish
- dotting tool,brush,razor and toothbrush

Have a great fun crafting!

February 22, 2015


Winter seems to be going away any time soon! Hurray! After extremely busy last couple of weeks we (my boyfriend and I) decided to finally take some rest and check out our neck of the woods looking for some spring.Long walk in the warm sunshine was energizing and relaxing as nothing else.
I really hope you had an amazing weekend! I'm ready for upcoming week and spring of course!

February 15, 2015


Hope you're all had an amazing Valentine's Day! In case you've missed my last video - here it is - polymer clay spaghetti tutorial for February 14.
Have a great Sunday! I'm going to finish editing my next video (polymer clay kawaii broccoli) and hopefully upload it tonight - so stay tuned!

February 12, 2015


Long time no see!

Although I’m  rather not ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ person (mostly because of waaaay too many failures especially on diet & working out front ;) ) I took some time to properly set few goals for 2015 and hopefully - by the end of this year - transform them into accomplishments. Blogging was definitely in the top 10 things ‘to do’. 

I used to run a blog way back in 2010/11 when my polymer clay skills were rather questionable and Instagram probably didn’t even exist hehe. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about photography and Photoshop. I didn’t own a proper camera and I definitely didn’t expect to have a YouTube channel with over 50 000 subscribers from all over the world! (crazy!)

That blog was deleted long time ago  for good reasons and I created this one in 2013 as a new beginning. I regret not having time to write posts in past but I hope that 2015 will be productive in that matter. I look forward to share here with you 'behind the scenes' of making my polymer clay creations as well as some random stuff. 

Wish you all the best for 2015 (better late than never) and thank you for your support!

Love, Agnieszka

November 6, 2013

Hello charming people,

Please check out my facebook fanpage to win 3 jewelry pieces! Giveaway is opened from 6th Nov. till 5th December.

link to my fanpage

Good luck!

June 28, 2013

Polymer clay flower basket TUTORIAL

Hi guys,

Recently I've been working on polymer clay flowers and to be absolutely honest it's not the easiest thing to do especially if you want them to be miniature...but I've decided to give it a try and here are the results - polymer clay flower basket.

Well, I know flowers are not perfect, but as I said it's my first time:) I'm definitely going to try make different ones as now I made only roses and daffodils.My favourite flower is lily of the valley but let's be honest ... it will take me a looong time till I manage creating such a complicated example. Anyway I hope you're gonna like this tutorial and find it useful.

Have a great time crafting! 
Love, TChS