August 23, 2015


Keeping polymer clay clean is - let's be honest here - pain in the "A" and every polymer clay crafter is struggling with this problem.It's the most annoying and frustrating thing when your creation, that you're working on for hours and hours is eventually covered in lint and dust.

There are several ways to avoid that issue (using harder clays rather that soft ones, wearing gloves while working etc.--> I'm going to make another tips&tricks video about that in the future) and couple to fight with when it's already happen.
Today I'm going to focus on the trick that is a real lifechanger.Period!
I don't even remember life before that trick and I probably pushed it out of my consciousness as it was too much to handle ;) 
But seriously if you haven't try this one before, go ahead and do it.It's easy, doesn't require any special materials and won't damage your creation at all.
As you can see here I'm going to clean piece of yellow clay which is covered in lint and dust quite heavily.


There are two ways to clean your 
creation - using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.Both work pretty much the same but I personally prefer rubbing alcohol as I feel it doesn't dissolve polymer clay as much as nail polish remover.

 You're going to need cotton pads as well.

All you want to do now is to pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol/nail polish remover on the cotton pad and start cleaning your creation.


As you can see, results are amazing.I hope you're going to find this tip helpful.If you have any problems/questions about polymer clay crafting make sure to leave a comment under this video and I will try my best to find a good solution.


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