May 10, 2015



If you follow me on my YouTube channel for quite a bit,you may recognise that I am big Italian cuisine lover.In my previous polymer clay tutorials I showed you how to make spaghetti,pana cotta,caprese salad and salami.This time I've  decided to create miniature bruschetta - a very tasty starter dish which in the basic form constists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic.
There are many variations that includes different toppings but I've created my favourite - pomodoro (tomato,basil,garlic,onion,mozzarella).

To make things more interesting I've also decided to show you a "baking soda" trick.It allows you to create bread/cake texture without hours spend on needle texturing.It requires a lot of trials and testing on the proportion front, but it's worth the effort as the results are incredibly realistic.

Have fun baking your miniature breads!


- red,translucent red,white,beige,green,translucent polymer clay
- acrylic paints
- baby powder
- baking soda
- FIMO liquid
- miniature chopping board -> click here to watch chopping board tutorial
- epoxy glue

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