February 16, 2013

Apple halves key rings tutorial & first trades ever:)

Hello guys!

Well, it was very veeery busy week.I've planed to upload new tutorial before Valentine's day but fortunately (sic) opportunity to take part in my first trades at Alternative Fest in Cracow came along.I had only five days to prepare all charming stuff as well as business cards,banner,decor and all that jazz...Yes, it was stressful and crazy but totally worth the effort!It was one day festival which combined fashion/design and music.From 12-6 P.M. visitors had a chance to buy some of mostly handmade stuff (including this charming stuff of course) then organizers prepared something for electronic music fans - gig of APPARAT/ Shitkatapult, BPitch Control, Mute, K7/ Berlin,Chmara Winter live,Harrison Chord LIVE,ZoLvIK,Meg Cocaine & Senthia b2b.

To be honest I had no idea how people would respond to my bizzare jewellery but I was absolutely shocked by the positive reactions.People come to my stand  with compliments and so many nice opinions.It was absolutely amazing experience.I was really surprised that even males bought some of my inedible sweets;)

So that's my little explanation why I've uploaded Valentine's Day project on 15th of February:) Hope you don't mind it.I guess this apple project might be also good idea for anniversary,birthday or just ordinary gift for special someone:) 

Hope you'll find it useful and fun.Have great rest of the day and please remember to subscribe to this blog as well as my youtube chanel.Thanx!

Cheers,This Charming Stuff <3

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