February 2, 2013

Polymer clay hedgehog TUTORIAL

Hi guys!

Some time ago I saw this cute picture of baby hedgehog and I couldn't resist making this sweet creature from polymer clay.

Well, my creation it's not realistic but I've tried to do is as simple and quick as possible.I have to admit I'm recently more into animals than sweets.I'm thinking about new project - new animal tutorial every single week.Something like giraffes,lions,hippos, lemurs,pandas...we'll see how it goes:)

For this project I've used:

- chocolate FIMO Soft no 75
- indian red FIMO Soft no 24
- black FIMO Soft no 9
- sahara FIMO Soft no 70
- translucent Sculpey III

Hope you're gonna like this project.Wish you much fun while doing it!

As you can see in the video you can now follow me on twitter.It's great way to be in touch with you guys!:)I'm going to put more recent piece of information there about my projects,work, photos etc.So feel more than welcome as my follower:)

Have great rest of the day, love This Charming Stuff <3


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